R. Gonzalez Management, Inc. (RGM) is a third party servicer that provides institutions participating in the USDE Title IV programs the software, reports and consulting assistance needed from the recruiting process through placement, default prevention and final reporting and reconciliation with USDE. The entire process is accomplished using the RGM system as the single point of contact within a single institutional database. All data is backed up daily by RGM. All transactions posted into the RGM system update the entire database.

For immediate attention please direct your concerns to the following:

Rafael Gonzalez - CEO

David Gonzalez - Administrator

Leticia Ruelas - Customer Service

Helen McGary - Customer Service

Rosa Gonzalez - Customer Service

Migdalia Gonzalez - Reimbursement

Anamaria Jimenez - Fiscal

Lidia Swoopes - Fiscal

Manuel Maravilla - Fiscal

Mayra Grijalva - Customer Support

Mark Pottenger - Systems

Arc Vasquez - Network Administrator

Alicia Suarez - Reimbursement

Maria Guillen - Reimbursement

Mariajose Melgar - Fiscal

Keith Thompson - Software Development